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That music...

Yes, I'm going to bring up the music just like everyone else :P It catches my attention so well; it's so sooooothing. The animation is also very welll done, great job! I coudn't look away until it was done! But man....that music...that...music

How is this even on Newgrounds?

It's so well done, it's unbelievable.


Oh wow, that was done really well. Was not what I expected at all; amazing job! Nice choice of audio as well.

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Wow, pretty good

First off, syntula and jackawesome57 should shut their idiot asses up because they can't even type a simple fucking review. How old are you guys, like 8? Jesus Christ..

I really liked the look and presentation of this game, with the graphics being 3D and what not. It would be nice to see something else like this regardless of the characters, enemies, etc., but with a little bit more varied control of the playable character rather than just running continuously down a street.

Overall this game was good, but there is great potential in it, and I truly say so based on what I've experienced thus far. Great job! :D


I can't stop playing this fucking game XD ahhhhhhhhhh

You are frikkin...

Awesome! Right now, you're probably the kewlest person in the world. I love mario! I'm glad you were able to make a mario game that stays true to its gameplay. It's...it's so beautiful...T.T

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I can't put my finger on it, but...

This loop just sounds like pure fun! I don't even know how you did that, but it sounds very unique, and I like the way it loops lol XD


Sounds very interesting. I agree with Kaiserwolf on this being used as some kind of menu music. Maybe it could also be used to show the results of a battle, like how well someone did, etc, or what kind of loot you get. Anyways, good job. It would probably be a good idea to develop this just a little bit more, but keep it as a loop, but it's still fine as is.


It sounds pretty good, so far; if it were something in progress. I like the sound of it, and it's kinda catchy. You should definitely build upon this some more, I'd like to see where it might go.

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To me though, it looks like you took some inspiratin from the upcoming game Journey? That's just me though. Anyways, well done :]

InspectorGadget responds:

yeah i see where your coming from, it didn't really occur to me while i was drawing it though.x

Very nice.

Nice concept; love the hair especially :]


Well done! Quick question though. Did you get your inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus? It looks kind of like that, lol. But that doesn't make it any less cool O.o

lenkalamari responds:

i've actually never played the game but it does look hella cool

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